Competitive benchmark and more with Dareboost

You have probably discovered through our free website analysis tool. The professional version of Dareboost goes a lot further,  allowing to monitor the performance of web pages, but also their technical quality.

Well, we have just enriched our monitoring features, allowing you to group several monitored web pages. So, you can now better organize your dashboard, and visualize data from several monitored pages within a single graph, but also their general trends!

monitor several locations

Let’s discover some use cases

First, note that a same monitored page can be used within several groups. You can also access it directly of course. Here are 3 examples of use cases for the groups feature (this is not an exhaustive list, feel free to build your own!).

Competition Benchmarking

Measure the performance of your pages against those of your competitors. This is very useful to track each of your page templates (home, product page, etc.) compared to your competitors’ equivalent!

Remember that you can also set up alerts on the pages of your competitors, so you’ll be the first informed of a significant improvement.

Group pages of the same project

You use Dareboost on several websites? for several clients? The group feature helps you organize your monitored web pages by client or by website.

Monitor the same page with multiple configurations

What is the performance of a web page from Paris? Washington? Tokyo? Monitor web performance from multiple locations worldwide, and visualize the results within a single graph!

Use several settings to monitor the same page with our advanced options : Ad Block, bandwidth benchmarking, mobile vs desktop, etc.

How to create a group?

Go to your dashboard and click on the “Create a group” button. Enter a name describing the use case, and select the monitored pages of your choice in the list:

select several monitorings

That’s all! You can now access the group and view data:

monitor your competitors websites

We calculate for you the average Speed Index during the last 30 days, as well as the server response time and the DareBoost score. The tendency is also precised, allowing you to identify a global improvement or regressions for each page.


All the team hopes you’ll love these improvements!

If you want to know more about the Dareboost monitoring features, do not hesitate to read this article or contact us directly.
If you do not have access to the monitoring features yet, feel free to discover our pro offers!