Website Performance Benchmark: brand-new comparison reports on Dareboost

The first version of our comparison tool has been released about 18 months ago. We’re very glad today to announce a significant upgrade of this feature, now allowing to compare up to 12 web pages at a same time (against only 2 before). Another improvement comes with the charts of groups for monitored pages, giving access to comparison report by clicking any dot on the chart!

A single tool to fit all your web pages comparison needs.

Our service to compare web pages allows to deal with a lot of use cases. For some of them, we even provide simplified forms: competition benchmarking, responsive website speed test, or again repeated view comparison (to test a same webpage with and without web browser caching).

Website comparison form

Our customers can go even further, by using a full range of advanced settings, available in our website performance test tool but also for comparison purpose.

Here are some examples of what you may accomplish using them:

  • Compare page speed from several test locations
  • Compare the results of the different versions of an A/B test
  • Compare your production website against your staging version being protected by a basic authentication (htaccess)
  • Compare page speed being loaded through several different connections (bandwidth and latency)
  • etc.

Whatever are your benchmark needs, our comparison feature will deal with it!

Our comparison reports are also used directly by some of our other features: comparison is a Dareboost core functionality widely used to highlight what really matters in your data.

Compare page speed of monitored pages

For competitive benchmarking or simply for a better organization of your dashboards, we  allow you to associate monitored pages within groups, allowing to visualize at a glance the evolutions of several pages.

Website Monitoring graphs give access to comparison reports

With this update,  you can now click on any point on your groups’ charts to be delivered with the associated comparison report.

Comparison report with 6 web pages performance compared

This improved comparison report still includes all the performance metrics available within Dareboost, as well as the ability to replay the video or to display the filmstrips.

Filmstrip comparison

Compare standalone analysis reports

From your reports listing, you can also generate comparison reports over existing data. A very useful feature for those who need to compare a former report to a new one!

Saved reports can be compared at any time

Here again, we have updated the limitation: you can now generate a comparison from up to 12 existing reports.

Of course, the same goes with the reports listing related to a monitored page.
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