The first event dedicated to web performance in France

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We’re very proud to announce today an event that Dareboost is co-organizing with one of France’s leading e-commerce experts and other web performance experts: We Love Speed. This major event for #webperf fans is scheduled for October 9th in Bordeaux, France.

We Love Speed, the francophone web performance event

Gathered by the French retailer Cdiscount, three web performance specialists (Dareboost, obviously, Fasterize and the freelance Jean-Pierre Vincent) have set up a non-profit association dedicated to the organization, in France, of a major event dedicated to web performance.

This first edition will take place in Bordeaux, on October 9, 2018, at the Palais de la Bourse.

We are expecting more than 120 participants to attend a dozen conferences and roundtables. Web professionals, e-commerce professionals, and webperf experts will be gathered in a welcoming atmosphere, encouraging technical and methodological insights sharing and strategy optimizations.

The Conference Programme

Essentially French-speaking, the exciting program of We Love Speed also welcome some renowned international speakers such as Rick Viscomi (advocator of transparency on the Web at Google and data steward of HTTPArchive which we often mentioned on this blog) or Philip Tellis (developer for Akamai but above all, creator and Lead Developer of boomerang, the open-source reference library for real-time user performance measurement).

Here is a brief overview of the program that you can discover in detail on the event site :

  • “Chrome UX Report” (which we recently mentioned in our PageSpeed Insights post), by Rick Viscomi
  • “Lightning fast UX: faking performance when there’s no code left to optimize” by Stéphanie Walter
  • “Organizing Business for Web Performance”, a roundtable featuring Dimitri Baeli, Vincent Robert, François Boury and Aurélien Lajoie
  • “User Experience & Performance: Metrics that Matter” by Philip Tellis
  • “Optimize performance by selecting optimal dimensions of responsive images”, by Nicolas Hoizey
  • “CSS rendering performance” by Thomas Zilliox
  • “Eventually: how to measure web performance?” by Jean-Pierre Vincent
  • “User Experience & Performance: Metrics that Matter” by Damien Jubeau
  • “How much is 100ms?” by Stéphane Rios
  • “Fast By Default — rebuilding Algolia’s website” by Jonas Badalic

Why is it gonna be great?

Boris, our Customer Success Manager, was heavily involved in the organization of this event. He provides answers to your daily performance monitoring problems and used that experience to help elaborate a conference that meets your central concerns.

In addition to the conference talks, the event will also be an opportunity for many conversations between peers, to share issues and benefit from feedback from other actors during some informal gatherings.

It is also an event which wants to be affordable: 180€ for the whole day! Don’t hesitate to plan your trip to anticipate a community evening and enjoy the event 100%!

Don’t wait any longer to register !

We would like to thank the other organizers, as well as the sponsors who support the event. Their donations allow an attractive pricing and the organization of a high-quality event:

We Love Speed Gold sponsors

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