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User Timing API (Custom Timing): the most relevant performance measure ever

You may already have dreamed of it: being able to measure exactly when one image of your web page is rendered or a particular script is executed, and track this moment through your favorite tools. The User Timing API made it possible, allowing you to place marks wherever you need within your pages! That feature is now supported by all the most recent browsers. And Dareboost is about to let you benefit from it at a larger scale! Continue reading

Google Speed Update: a Speed Ranking Signal for Mobile Searches

On July 2018, Google will use Speed as a Ranking Signal for Mobile Searches. As a service dedicated to website speed monitoring and optimization, we’re of course very interested in how Google is dealing with website speed to crawl, index and rank web pages within its search results. After Red Slow Label and Slow to Load testings conducted in 2015, and with the Mobile First Index being deployed, we should not be surprised about this last move from Google. Let’s have a quick look back on this history before detailing this Speed Update announcement.   Continue reading

Website analysis: new checks in our test reports

Update: as announced 2 weeks ago, we have updated  the quality checks on Dareboost on December 12.

Save the date! From December 12, new quality checks will enrich our website analysis tool. This post aims to introduce those new quality tests. This is a major update, with numerous new tests and also improvements for existing ones. Expect your Dareboost score to change on December 12! Let’s discover the changes and hopefully this will be an opportunity for you to fix some issues even before the update.

Continue reading

Incident: no response from Google domains for Paris and Amsterdam probes

[08:45 PM UTC]UPDATE : the network issue seems to be fixed now, we have removed the temporary blacklists and are monitoring closely the situation.

Since about 10:00 AM UTC this Sunday (12 Nov. 2017), Dareboost is facing issues for websites tested from Paris and Amsterdam.
Only websites using resources from Google domains are affected (Google Analytics, Google Fonts, etc). As these resources are very frequently used, numerous websites are affected by the issue. Consequently we’re communicating with details on the issue, although the issue is out of our reach (the connectivity issue does not depend on our infrastructure).

All our team members are mobilized and we’re doing our best to get this issue fixed as soon as possible. Continue reading

Load time is out!

Web agencies and their customers, managers and technical teams, are discussing and debating about load time without always understanding each others.
Whereas websites loading speed is an undeniable and strategic matter that every person involved within a web project should consider, relevant and consistent indicators for web performance have to be selected first. You can only improve what you measure and this measurement has to be reliable. Continue reading

Secure your cookies to the next level with SameSite attribute

After reading our last article about how to secure your cookies, you may (should?) already be using Secure and HttpOnly flags. As a reminder, ‘Secure’ allows to prevent a cookie to be sent on a non-secure web page, whereas ‘HttpOnly’ prevents any client-side usage of a given cookie.
It is now time to take your website security to the next level with one more attribute for your cookies! Let’s talk about SameSite instruction, allowing to prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks and Cross-Site Script Inclusion (XSSI). Continue reading

Website Performance Benchmark: brand-new comparison reports on Dareboost

The first version of our comparison tool has been released about 18 months ago. We’re very glad today to announce a significant upgrade of this feature, now allowing to compare up to 12 web pages at a same time (against only 2 before). Another improvement comes with the charts of groups for monitored pages, giving access to comparison report by clicking any dot on the chart! Continue reading

Performance and security of target=_blank links with rel=noopener

About one year ago, we were announcing an update of the quality checkpoints of our website analysis service. This update was including a new best practice related to hypertext links opening in a new window or tab by using target="_blank" attribute.
Joining Google Chrome, the latest Firefox version now supports the rel="noopener" attribute, which was one of our advised solutions. The right time for us to have a look back on this recommendation we have brought not only for better security but also for web performance. Continue reading

Website Speed: 49 Luxury Brands Tested in China

The Chinese web is a highly coveted market for all brands of luxury goods from around the world. But it is also a difficult sector for investments – with its limited access conditions as well as its famous Great Firewall. How do these brands manage to deal with these technical handicaps? Using its Chinese probes, Dareboost tested the web performance of 49 of these prestigious brands.  Continue reading