Web Performance: Last Trends (August 2014)

Each month, DareBoost relays the figures published by HTTParchive.org and offers you a state of the web. This article deals with the latest data, of August, 1st 2014.

As we are used to doing, we will compare these data, with those of last year (August 2013) and those of last month (read last month’s article), for the top 1 000 most visited websites.

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Useful tips to start with WordPress

Nowadays, one of the first steps when you create a website is to adopt a CMS. It allows to save time, so you can deploy a website quickly. According to wappalyzer, more than 60% of the websites using a CMS are powered by WordPress (source: https://www.wappalyzer.com/categories/cms). We ourselves have decided to use WordPress for its simplicity (exceptionally, web performance was not our major criterion!)

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How to improve jQuery performance

You have probably ever heard of best practices to improve your website’s quality and performance (configure a cache policy, enable gzip compression…).
However, web performance doesn’t stop to follow general best practices: each technology has its own specific recommendations. Some mistakes are quite trivial, but some others can be painful for your website. The addition of several minor errors can really slow down your final product. That’s why you should always think about performance upstream and during the development step.

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