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Measure a web page speed with Performance Timings

Some weeks ago, we were learning that the support of the Navigation Timing API by Safari was back. This API, available in JavaScript and now on the main web browsers, implements a W3C recommendation. It allows you to read metrics essential to understand the many important points of your page loading, in particular via performance timings.

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Single Page Apps: bulimia risk (AngularJS)

The initial loading of big apps comes at a price

The Single Page Application concept, that AngularJS is a classical way to use for, comes fast to a major issue. Indeed, as soon as we are working on a consequent application, the amount of Javascript (and eventually of CSS) required by the application on first loading can become a pain.

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Optimize your website: what should you challenge?

In this blog, the  “Best Practices” category will contain discussions about tips and rules for a faster and better website. But first, what does website optimization mean? That’s a very huge topic. Here are some key figures on the websites performance optimization:

A load time increased of 400 milliseconds resulted in a loss of 9% of Yahoo’s traffic.

source: http://fr.slideshare.net/stoyan/yslow-20-presentation

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