Review of our last updates: new features for monitoring, comparison and API

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Some of the most regular users of DareBoost may already have noticed it: several improvements have been added to our website for the past weeks. It is time for us to talk a little more about these new features. We hope you will discover – and enjoy – some of them!

Improved list of your reports

If you are used to work on several projects with DareBoost, you may just love this refinement : not only you can delete your old reports but also quickly filter all the reports for one specific web page thanks our new search by URL box! Certainly not the killer feature of the year, but a nice improvement that could make you save precious seconds day by day…

Even more interesting: the access to our comparison tool have been made easier. At any time, from your reports list, you can now select two reports to be compared.

Performance Test Comparison Feature
Naturally, this comparison feature is not only available for standalone reports but also for those related to a monitored page , so you can spot every changes on your webpage through time.

Content breakdown within your monitoring dashboard

Another new stuff about monitoring with DareBoost: more data are now available for our customers. As usual,DareBoost allow you to monitor the overall evolution of your web page’s number of requests and weight… From now, these 2 indicators are itemized by content type (images, CSS, scripts,…). A very handy way to find out exactly why your webpage’s weight (or number of requests) is increasing!

Performance Monitoring: Content Breakdown

These detailed information are also available for the graphs of your groups of monitored pages. Give it a try and enjoy it!

Website Speed Test Locations: India is available, China soon

DareBoost team is glad to enrich its list of test probes with India (Chenai). Some of our customers were requesting  this new location for a few weeks s… So we did it! By the way, we are also pleased to welcome Flipkart as a customer. And what a reference: as a leader of the indian e-commerce market, Flipkart is one of the 100 most visited website worldwide!

About new test locations, we are currently working on setting a new test probe for China (Shanghai). Nevertheless, that location will only be available for customers asking for this option. If interested, do not hesitate to contact us by now!

API updated

Available for a few months, our API is regularly updated. You can imagine a lot of use cases: launching analyses on demand, giving to your own visitors an access to a test tool or enriching your very own dashboards with our monitoring data… We encourage you to take a look to our technical documentation to discover all the opportunities, and to contact us to get some testing credits!

That review is certainly not exhaustive but we wanted to make sure  you haven’t missed any useful update on DareBoost! You’d better stay tuned : within 48h, we will announce our next release to come concerning our best practices.

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