Dareboost end of service & Speed Analysis acceleration

Hello, I’m Damien, co-founder of Dareboost. 

Contentsquare has decided to begin the end-of-life process for the Dareboost service.  Don’t worry, it’s not effective immediately.

If you’re a customer, the product will remain available until the end of your current order term. This communication provides significant advance notice to you under your agreement that this process has begun and also provides important information and resources to assist you during the process. 

I wanted to give a few details about this decision and the related impact to you, but also take the opportunity to deeply thank our customers and freemium community for their trust over the last years.


From Dareboost to Contentsquare

We created Dareboost in 2013. Since then, we served hundreds of customers and hundreds of thousands of users through our free version.

In 2020, we decided to join forces with Contentsquare with the plan to make web performance a central pillar of customer experience for leading brands across the world. 

Dareboost team and technology are now fully part of Contentsquare and a new product is born from this union: Speed Analysis.

Contentsquare now has a Digital Experience Monitoring solution, which provides a unique mix of technical and business insights, a great fit for brands. As a part of the Find & Fix Contentsquare offering, Speed Analysis is not only about Synthetic Monitoring but also offers powerful Real User Monitoring capabilities. 

I’m proud of the stronger impact we now have in reaching the ambition we pursued with Dareboost: a faster web. In order to bring this ambition to the next level and to ensure we keep delivering the best experience to our customers, we made the tough decision to sunset our Dareboost offering and focus our development efforts on the Speed Analysis product.


As a Dareboost user, what does this mean to you?

If you are a Contentsquare customer also having a Dareboost License

Our team will get in touch with the point of contact of your Dareboost contract to have it transitioned to Speed Analysis. 

Your CSM will show you how to make the most of Speed Analysis and migrate your monitored pages and scenarios.

If you have a Dareboost paid account (monthly or yearly subscription, etc): 

Your access to the service will remain operational until the end of your contract. After January 31, 2023, subscriptions (including monthly ones) won’t be renewed.

If we haven’t been in touch and you’d like to explore our Contentsquare offerings, please reach out to sales-dareboost@contentsquare.com or Discover a Speed Analysis 6 minute video.

If you use the Dareboost free version:

We encourage you to seek other great free solutions available on the market. Indeed, from 31st December 2022, the service will no longer be available.


Thanks a lot for your trust in the Dareboost team and product. We hope you understand this product evolution and we will do our best to serve you under the Contentsquare and Speed Analysis brand.  



Damien Jubeau

Product Manager for Speed Analysis and Former Dareboost CEO