Service Updates

The major update of DareBoost

Website analysis: new checks in our test reports

Update: as announced 2 weeks ago, we have updated  the quality checks on Dareboost on December 12.

Save the date! From December 12, new quality checks will enrich our website analysis tool. This post aims to introduce those new quality tests. This is a major update, with numerous new tests and also improvements for existing ones. Expect your Dareboost score to change on December 12! Let’s discover the changes and hopefully this will be an opportunity for you to fix some issues even before the update.

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Website Performance Benchmark: brand-new comparison reports on Dareboost

The first version of our comparison tool has been released about 18 months ago. We’re very glad today to announce a significant upgrade of this feature, now allowing to compare up to 12 web pages at a same time (against only 2 before). Another improvement comes with the charts of groups for monitored pages, giving access to comparison report by clicking any dot on the chart! Continue reading

Website analysis: new checkpoints in our test reports

UPDATE: New checkpoints described in this post are now available on!

Save this date: from June 23rd, new checkpoints will enrich our website quality test. This post aims to introduce you the new checkpoints before being live, so you’ll have time to correct your website (if needed) before our update… Avoiding, by this way, any drop of your DareBoost score!

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