Website analysis: our checkpoints are evolving

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Next week, new automated checkpoints will be added on our quality and performance test tool, The scores of your web pages are therefore likely to evolve.
This update includes new best practices, but also improvements on existing advice!
In this article, I propose you to discover in detail the changes of this coming update.

performance best practices update

Essential redirects

Too often we encountered websites using HTTPS that authorized accessing to the HTTP version without redirecting to the secured verison. Similarly, are reachable either with a “www” prefix or not, but forgeting to redirect one to its alternative.
The issue: a potential loss of direct access traffic (due to the missing alternative), and sometimes functional issues, and finally or a risk of Duplicate Content on a SEO perspective.
Thanks to the next update, you’ll be able to check the presence of these redirects on your web pages. Note that this is an important issue, so if the problem is detected on your page, the impact on your score may be significant.

Robots.txt, Content-Type and more

Your website does not define a robots.txt file? We will check its presence in our analyzes.
Remember, this file is powerful for SEO purposes: it will allow you to exclude specific resources that robots like Google Bot should not crawl, that will optimize their routes.

We also verify that all resources sent by your web server declare a Content-Type HTTP header, which is recommended of course, and also allows Dareboost to apply more checkpoints to your page.

Some additional accessibility aspects will also be checked after the update. For instance, we will ensure that your forms define a submit button.

Third parties, introduction of a tolerance threshold

Since the birth of, about 2 years ago, many of you asked us to reduce the penalties related to third parties.
We quickly set up a penalty grid suitable for each best practice, in order to take into account the particularities of third parties and to limit their impact on the global score.

Thanks to your feedback, we will soon introduce a tolerance level: you will be penalized only if there are more than 3 third parties that do not respect the best practice.
The goal is to reduce the disturbance in our reports, to allow you to focus on the essential, without tolerating too heavy impact of third parties.

Hunt micro-optimizations

Finally, in the same vein as the previous paragraph, we eliminated some micro-optimizations. For example, this is the case for your images optimizations: won’t recommend anymore to eliminate unnecessary 300 bytes data of an unoptimized image.
This update will further enhance the productivity gain afforded by the use of!

We hope you will enjoy this update as well as the previous ones. It will be announced to all our customers and registered users during its deployment. If you do not have an account yet, please do not hesitate: go on now to create one!

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