Back to static with JAMStack: a paradigm shift for better UX and web performance

For several years now, a new range of solutions have emerged in the web technologies landscape. Static site generators, headless CMS, content infrastructure… these solutions contribute to a global trend. “Static trend”, “JAMStack”, several names exist but none really covers what is an overall new proposal for web application architecture, and somehow a comeback to the roots of the Web.

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Web Performance Fundamentals: what is the Speed Index?

At Dareboost, we have a motto: you can’t assess your overall website performance with one single metric! Nevertheless, some are more synthetical and relevant than others. We consider Speed Index as one of the most important indicators to analyze. Let’s discover why: what does the Speed Index indicate? How is it measured? How to interpret and use it properly? Continue reading

Google Speed Update: a Speed Ranking Signal for Mobile Searches

On July 2018, Google will use Speed as a Ranking Signal for Mobile Searches. As a service dedicated to website speed monitoring and optimization, we’re of course very interested in how Google is dealing with website speed to crawl, index and rank web pages within its search results. After Red Slow Label and Slow to Load testings conducted in 2015, and with the Mobile First Index being deployed, we should not be surprised about this last move from Google. Let’s have a quick look back on this history before detailing this Speed Update announcement.   Continue reading

2018: May the Speed Be With Your Website!

Updated on February 6, 2018 – All the Dareboost team wishes you all the best for this new year. Obviously, we’re talking about your websites performance, which we hope to be at the top in 2018. Why not considering your web pages optimization as one of your best 2018 wishes (and a real goal to achieve)? To motivate you, we’ve organized a little game during January, giving a chance to win a Business account and some Dareboost goodies… Now it is time for us to thank all the contributors and, of course, announce the winners!

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Website analysis: new checks in our test reports

Update: as announced 2 weeks ago, we have updated  the quality checks on Dareboost on December 12.

Save the date! From December 12, new quality checks will enrich our website analysis tool. This post aims to introduce those new quality tests. This is a major update, with numerous new tests and also improvements for existing ones. Expect your Dareboost score to change on December 12! Let’s discover the changes and hopefully this will be an opportunity for you to fix some issues even before the update.

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Incident: no response from Google domains for Paris and Amsterdam probes

[08:45 PM UTC]UPDATE : the network issue seems to be fixed now, we have removed the temporary blacklists and are monitoring closely the situation.

Since about 10:00 AM UTC this Sunday (12 Nov. 2017), Dareboost is facing issues for websites tested from Paris and Amsterdam.
Only websites using resources from Google domains are affected (Google Analytics, Google Fonts, etc). As these resources are very frequently used, numerous websites are affected by the issue. Consequently we’re communicating with details on the issue, although the issue is out of our reach (the connectivity issue does not depend on our infrastructure).

All our team members are mobilized and we’re doing our best to get this issue fixed as soon as possible. Continue reading

Webmarketing & website speed: How to Take the Control Back (2/2)

A great perceptual performance is an essential condition for any website overall success. As every people working for a website has to be concerned by speed issue, it should definitely matter for you as a webmarketing manager. Within this 2nd episode, let’s discover 3 more arguments illustrating how Dareboost can help you take control back on your web performance. Continue reading