Performance analytics

Regularly, we offer you deeply analyzes on performance-related topics: from the study case, to the benchmark of a solution, through the analysis of recent news regarding web performance evolution or issues.

Google Speed Update: a Speed Ranking Signal for Mobile Searches

On July 2018, Google will use Speed as a Ranking Signal for Mobile Searches. As a service dedicated to website speed monitoring and optimization, we’re of course very interested in how Google is dealing with website speed to crawl, index and rank web pages within its search results. After Red Slow Label and Slow to Load testings conducted in 2015, and with the Mobile First Index being deployed, we should not be surprised about this last move from Google. Let’s have a quick look back on this history before detailing this Speed Update announcement.   Continue reading

[Infographics] DiG Publishing Lisbon: website speed tests results for leading european publishers

As Dareboost is one of the 40 selected startups coming from 15 countries by DiG Publishing to present their services to 120+ leading european publishers, we have decided to test the web performance of some of those top news medias and vertical websites with large audience before going to Lisbon. Here are the detailed results. Continue reading

Website Speed: 49 Luxury Brands Tested in China

The Chinese web is a highly coveted market for all brands of luxury goods from around the world. But it is also a difficult sector for investments – with its limited access conditions as well as its famous Great Firewall. How do these brands manage to deal with these technical handicaps? Using its Chinese probes, Dareboost tested the web performance of 49 of these prestigious brands.  Continue reading

Website Speed Test, Dareboost tips for reliable results

If you’re reading this blog, you probably know that load time matters when it comes to user experience, a lot. And it’s even a major factor determining the success of a website.  

Server response time, speedindex or start render, or again fully loaded time, whatever is the metric you want to collect, your measurement method should take into account several major parameters if you want reliable results through time. Continue reading

Are the 50 most sold WordPress themes fast enough?

The theme of your website or your blog is essential to assure its success. Indeed, the graphic look but also the navigational structure allow you to distinguish yourself from your competition and to offer a quality experience to your visitors. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to realize or to have someone realize a tailor-made theme, whether it is for time or budget restraints.

Continue reading