Speed test of the top 50 PrestaShop themes

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The theme of an e-commerce store is essential to its success. However, a tailor-made theme is not always made possible, particularly because the related cost may be significant.

Indeed, it is not only a work about visual aspect. It is also, for instance, the design of a browsing experience, which often has to be made by taking into account a Responsive context.

In order to limit costs, the solution is often buying an existing theme that we may customize afterwards.

Theses themes are available on marketplaces that make possible to everyone to find whatever they want by defining a range of criteria.
But are these themes quality guaranteed? Are they fast enough?

This is what we offer you to learn about, thanks to our analysis of the 50 most sold themes on PrestaShop’s MarketPlace, one of the most famous e-commerce CMS.

Technical Quality of the 50 most sold PrestaShop

We analyzed the homepages of the demonstration store given for each of these 50 themes. Thanks to dareboost.com, we checked for each of these themes dozens of technical quality points, and calculated a score according to the significance of detected problems.

First observation: results are very patchy. The quality score fluctuates between 47 and 89 out of 100. The average page weight varies from some hundreds of kilobytes to a dozen of megabytes.

Now the answer to the expected question: is there a correlation between the quality score and the theme price? Unfortunately, there is not.

Choosing a theme of which the price gives you a hint of high quality won’t assure you to obtain a fast page nor a quality technical construction.

Several demonstration areas don’t even have the basic configuration that would greatly speed up the page. You will get better results by using PrestaShop’s performance settings. Unfortunately, you will have to go further, if not choosing another theme to avoid a work of technical adaptation too substantial.

Ranking of PrestaShop themes by quality score:

Gadgets Multishop Responsive 1.6596,84 sec2,26MB89 €
Responsive SportFitness732,87 sec1,99MB129 €
Runway Fashion Responsive Prestashop 1.65213,28 sec10,40MB69 €
Leo Fashion Store Prestashop5111,13 sec5,38MB69 €
Electronic Multishop Responsive 1.6 HTML5 CSS3598,74 sec2,13MB79 €
01 Oslo893,46 sec1,61MB99 €
Meubles PrestaShop Responsive Theme695,55 sec2,92MB99 €
Queen Fashion Prestashop 1.6 Responsive653,57 sec2,28MB59 €
Jewelry Prestashop 1.6 Responsive595,68 sec3,90MB59 €
SpecialDev SecurityCameras773,47 sec0,66MB29 €
Singlewave - Responsive Prestashop Theme Sport6222,54 sec4,07MB99 €
Interior Furniture Store734,53 sec3,06MB129 €
Mobile Phones Store5239,15 sec13,49MB129 €
Kitchen Supplies Store5914,54 sec6,69MB129 €
Natural Cosmetics6011,21 sec5,28MB129 €
Extreme Sports Clothing Gear679,11 sec2,29MB129 €
Simplio724,00 sec1,88MB69 €
Food Store Prestashop 1.6 Responsive653,59 sec2,20MB59 €
Andrea Template (Full Responsive)862,36 sec0,74MB99 €
Automobile Replacement Parts589,97 sec5,29MB129 €
Accent Fashion Prestashop 1.6 Responsive557,65 sec6,01MB59 €
01 Response832,32 sec0,67MB99 €
Responsive DiscountShop782,50 sec1,25MB129 €
Brand Clothes4721,73 sec10,46MB129 €
SpecialDev ElectricToys763,06 sec0,79MB29 €
Travely - Boutique de Voyage6721,62 sec3,56MB99 €
Cultura Responsive 1.6724,77 sec1,37MB89 €
JMS Clothes4911,02 sec6,33MB69 €
Cenata Responsive 1.6715,27 sec1,79MB89 €
Eva Template (Full Responsive)853,18 sec1,56MB99 €
Trendy - Luxure PrestaShop Thème666,15 sec3,63MB99 €
Responsive VapoteShop781,90 sec0,72MB129 €
Motor Spares6369,57 sec1,66MB129 €
Organic Skin Care6761,09 sec1,85MB129 €
Trendy Fashion4720,93 sec14,26MB129 €
Coffee Aroma629,66 sec4,73MB129 €
JMS Market509,86 sec6,19MB69 €
Parure Responsive 1.6724,54 sec1,48MB89 €
TechnoShop Responsive745,30 sec2,14MB89 €
Cosmetico - Prestashop Сosmetics Store Theme7318,74 sec2,39MB99 €
SpecialDev DroneShop744,34 sec0,64MB29 €
Responsive SweetLingerie713,91 sec2,61MB129 €
JMS Audio5115,07 sec6,72MB69 €
Stylish Outdoor Furniture5415,19 sec11,23MB129 €
Tools and Supplies617,07 sec4,59MB129 €
Extreme Sports Clothing Gear5119,49 sec12,40MB129 €
Handmade Jewelry675,11 sec3,55MB129 €
Fishing Store5814,33 sec9,92MB129 €
Music Store5721,55 sec14,86MB129 €
Novus 1.6733,43 sec1,53MB59 €

Would you like to know your store’s score? Would you like to validate the theme you plan to buy? Test it now on dareboost.com


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