Website analysis: PDF report (and white label option)

If you’re reading this blog post, you are certainly used to checking your website with Dareboost. It allows you to comply with the latest web best practices and to run advanced speed tests.

And we provide a lot of additional features! For instance, did you know about the PDF export and its white label option?

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Website Analysis: new checkpoints on Dareboost

UPDATE: Best practices described in this article are now available on!

Mark your calendars! We’re going to add new checkpoints on on Thursday, March 24th. In this article, I propose you to discover in details the changes of this update. So you should be able to correct your web projects before the update and to avoid any score drop on our tool!

Let’s talk about CSS quality, security and accessibility!

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Competitive benchmark and more with Dareboost

You have probably discovered through our free website analysis tool. The professional version of Dareboost goes a lot further,  allowing to monitor the performance of web pages, but also their technical quality.

Well, we have just enriched our monitoring features, allowing you to group several monitored web pages. So, you can now better organize your dashboard, and visualize data from several monitored pages within a single graph, but also their general trends!

monitor several locations

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