Website Speed Test from Mexico with Dareboost

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We are very glad to announce one more location to test and monitor your web performance with Dareboost: Mexico. The 12th location available on our service.

dareboost test locations map

12 locations to test your website speed with Dareboost

Mexico, here we come! We are excited to provide this new location to all of our users for their Dareboost tests and monitors. By now then, you can choose among 12 different locations across the world to check how fast your web pages are, within the closest browsing context to your real visitors’. After Washington DC, Seattle and São Paulo, Mexico is actually the 4th place in the Americas to host our test probes (driving a real chrome browser ).

Do not forget that you can find the entire list of the available test locations on our website. If you need to whitelist our probes, you will also get their related IP addresses. Furthermore, please note that all of our probes are now associated with a domain complying this pattern: * Using this domain pattern – rather than the IPs – will then allow you to also deal with upcoming probes and locations!

Don’t underestimate the location effect on your test results

This brand-new Mexico test location will allow to get the most realistic results about your web pages speed for one simple reason: to get relevant measurements about loading speed, you have to test your website like your users browse it. And the distance between a webpage’s server and the browser accessing it is one of the major browsing context elements that drives huge impacts on web performance. Mostly a question of network latency – that can dramatically slow down your website

Here is a Dareboost comparison report to illustrate how website speed can be affected by the location: the Mexican Presidency website, tested from Paris and from Mexico (with the very-same parameters except for the location).

dareboost comparison mexico france speed index
Click on the image to access to the full report.

As you can see, from Start Render to Speed Index or Fully loaded time, the 2 tests gave very different results!

If your website drives an international traffic, note that our location testing parameter will help you to test the efficiency of your current CDN provider, or even benchmark some alternatives!

As our 11 other locations, you can start using our new Mexican probe within all of our features: standalone website analysis, comparison , web pages speed monitoring and user journey monitoring.

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