Mastering your Website Performance: 9 advanced use cases for Dareboost

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Dareboost has just released a detailed user manual about our web performance testing and monitoring service. Here is a little appetizer: not less than 9 powerful use cases for Dareboost performance tools.

#1 Repeated View Test: measure the browser’s cache impacts

Did you know that our comparison tool allows to measure the performance benefits related to the browser cache mechanisms (comparing the results gathered for a first and a second visit of the same page)? Do not wait anymore and launch a first test for free!


Repeated view Comparison with Dareboost

Note that this feature is also available within our monitoring service. Feel free to contact us for further information.

#2 Test your website speed before it hurts: analyze your staging/testing versions

Don’t forget this rule : the sooner you identify a performance problem, the cheaper it will be to be solved. So why should you wait the production stage to start measuring the speed of your web pages? Dareboost allows to test them (and get our optimization advices) at early stages: thanks to our advanced settings, you will be able to get through any basic authentication process, or set the necessary DNS mapping. Furthermore, we keep you informed about our test probes IP addresses for you to whitelist them.

#3 Monitor your web pages… and your competitors’ as well!

Your web pages never stop evolving, so are their performance. Content, new features, third-party, hosting structure… there are too much parameters at stack so roughly testing your web performance from time to time is definitely not enough.

You have to monitor your web pages speed to detect any slow down or regression as fast as possible. Dareboost allows to set up monitoring easily, using a frequency fitting your needs (from 24h to 15min interval)… and that’s it! Dareboost will then keep track of the page performance for you, providing an interactive real-time dashboard.
By setting up some alerting thresholds, you will moreover make sure to detect any slow down.

Groups of monitored pages on Dareboost

As Dareboost doesn’t require any installation, you can also monitor the speed of your competitors’ websites… You will then be able to compare your performance to the fastest – and the slowest – websites within your market. Dareboost also allows you to create as much as needed groups of monitored pages: the perfect feature to build up your own benchmarks.
Need a deeper analysis? You can also access to our detailed comparison reports, whenever you want it!

#4 Measure the impact of the third-party services on your loading time

Analytics, A/B testing, Click2chat, retargeting solutions, etc. Third-party resources have never been so numerous within your web pages and so are their impacts on your web performance…

Thanks to our blacklist/whitelist feature, you can test your web pages loading time excluding those dependencies. You can even go further by monitoring how the impact of these third-party resources on your performances evolves through time!

#5 Monitor your user journeys web performance

User journeys monitoring by Dareboost

Here is one of our latest features, adopted by more and more of our customers: Dareboost now allows you to monitor whole user journeys! No matter how complex is your browsing scenario, we can handle it, and reproduce all the actions conducted by a typical visitor of your website. You will access to the same amazing data & services regarding web performance than with our classical (one-page) monitoring tool: video replay, alerting, timeline, Speed Index, etc. A brand-new and exclusive feature that will help you to reach the next level of web performance management… Ask for a demo right now!

#6 Monitor your web pages at higher frequency

Several monitoring frequencies are available on Dareboost in order to fit your own goals and budget: 24h, 60min and 15min.

If you already use our alerting feature to detect any regression or slowdown of your web pages, higher monitoring frequencies will increase your reactivity in case of such incidents. Moreover, gathering more tests results day after day, you will ensure to get a more relevant history of your performance data!

#7 Enrich your performance history & collaborate with Dareboost

Dareboost allows to create and add custom events to your monitoring data. Quite a useful feature to track your own history of your releases, updates as well as incidents, related to your monitoring data. More: all these events will be shared with all the users of your Dareboost plan. Indeed, Dareboost offers a multi-account option, allowing you to create secondary accounts with different authorisation levels (read-only/editing). The perfect tool to collaborate with your teammates and your service providers.

#8 Enhance your Speed Index measurement relevance (disable animations)

Speed Index is so far renowned as the most relevant metric regarding user experience (UX) – through an automated test. Nevertheless, as this indicator is computed from a video analysis of the web page loading, some animated behavior – as autoplay carousels – are likely to tamper your test results (delaying artificially the “visually complete” stage).
To prevent these kind of troubles, Dareboost offers 2 options within its advanced settings to deactivate 2 major types of animations and then improve the steadiness of your measurements.

#9 Handle & mine extensively your monitoring data

We do our best at Dareboost to make your web performance data as useful and insightful as possible. As an example, groups of monitored pages are unlimited so you can explore your data under different angles… But we can go further, particularly if you have numerous pages being monitored. We can set up a customized dashboard for you, to aggregate your data at a whole new level, but also customize the used time ranges and metrics used by default to exactly fit your needs. Not only you will be able to explore it realtime but also receive a neat PDF export in your mailbox (time and frequency can be customized too!)!

dareboost custom dashboards

If you have external corporate dashboards aggregating numerous data, you can use our API to enrich them with our monitoring data. For simpler usages don’t forget that you can export from dareboost your data as a csv file at any time!

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