Website Speed Test from São Paulo (Brazil) and Seattle (USA)

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We are very glad to inform you that we now offer two more locations for testing your website speed. We now have 3 test locations in the Americas, with São Paulo and Seattle joining Washington DC.

Website Speed Test: location matters

Whether it is for a single website speed test or for synthetic monitoring, we’re used to remind you on this blog how important is the context for your measurements: Website Speed: test it like your users browse it.

The location from where your tests are conducted is one of the main factor of this context, particularly due to latency effects (latency: why does it slow down your website?). This is also a useful parameter in order to test the efficiency of your CDN provider.

Available test locations on Dareboost

Dareboost testing probes locations

These new test probes in São Paulo and Seattle bring to 10 the total number of test probes available on our service, whatever is your pro plan.
They’re joining those based in Paris, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Chennai, Washington DC and Sydney.

This is an opportunity for us to remind you that we provide a test probes listing, including the matching IP addresses. Helpful for those of you who are using Dareboost to test some protected pages (staging version, etc.). Beside, you can from this same page subscribe to a mailing list to be sure to know if we were to update some of the IP addresses.

You can start using the new São Paulo and Seattle test probes immediately with all of our services: website speed test, comparison, synthetic monitoring and user journey monitoring.

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