Brand-new comparison reports for your Website Performance Benchmarks

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A new version of our performance comparison reports has just been released. With an improved user experience and some additional data available, benchmarking your competition is now easier than ever!
After a quick reminder about why and how you can use the performance comparison feature, let’s discover what’s new under the hood!

A single tool for all your web pages benchmark needs.

When it comes to website performance, it can be difficult to be sure that your website is fast enough. You can rely on general recommendations form Google from example, but nothing will beat direct insights from your own market. Testing and comparing the speed of a website and its competitors is one of the common use case of our feature to compare web pages performance.

Website Speed Comparison Report Screenshot

Our comparison tool allows to deal with a lot of other use cases. For some of them, we provide simplified forms: responsive website speed test or again repeated view comparison (to test a same web page with and without web browser caching).

Advanced comparison options

Our customers can go even further, by using a full range of advanced settings. All advanced params available in our website speed test tool and also available for comparison purpose.

If you’re not sure yet that you could make use of this feature, here are some of the most popular use cases

  • Benchmark your page speed against your competitors’ websites.
  • Compare and analyze changes after a deployment 
  • Compare page speed from several test locations
  • Test and compare your page with and without third-party content
  • Compare the results of the different versions of an A/B test
  • Compare your production website against your staging version (even if protected by a basic authentication or if you have to whitelist our IP addresses)
  • Compare page speed being loaded through several connections (eg 3G vs 4G)

Whatever your benchmark needs are, our comparison feature will do an amazing job!

There are other ways to get a comparison report than using the dedicated form, it’s a core feature in Dareboost:

A brand new comparison report

A brand new version of our comparison reports has just been released. Of course, we have kept the neat features already existing, like video replay, visual progress through time comparison graph, the ability to compare up to 12 performance tests, the filmstrip comparison, etc. 

Some other component have been widely improved. 

For example the barchart you can use to easily compare performance metrics can now be customized. You can manage the displayed metrics up to your needs, to focus on your favorite indicators, or to conduct a deeper analysis (the barchart also supports custom timings if you’re using some on your pages).

You’re also very likely to love the new version of detailed comparison. It’s easier to be enabled, and we’ve worked on a new way to display the extracted differences, that should be  more comfortable to be used. 

For example, here is the new detailed comparison for regressions with the compliance of our best practices:

And this one for requests slowdowns: 

We have also made an extra effort about alerting reports, so you can understand what have gone wrong at a single glance: 

Last but not least, with this new version, we have improved the interface to be more responsive. That will come in particularly useful when comparing more than 2 websites, to take advantage of your screen resolution.

We hope you’ll love the feature even more after the latest changes! Feel free to share your feedback below in the comment section. 

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