Performance testing tool: Speedindex, Filmstrip

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Some days ago, we talked to you about 3 useful key indicators to measure the rendering performance of your web page: the SpeedIndex, the Visual Complete and the Start Render.

Today, we are pleased to announce you that these indicators have just joined’s performance speed test!
I offer you to make you discover the changes that this new version brought.

Analyze the rendering of your pages with the filmstrip and the video

When you click on the screenshot of the analyzed website (up right of your report), you have now access to new information, with, among others, the 3 indicators mentionned higher.

start render, visually complete and speedindex

And there is more: you will also find a video of your website loading, as well as a filmstrip, which is a decomposition of the visual loading of your page step by step!

filmstrip and video features

These 2 features will allow you to better understand how you page is rendering, so that you can optimize the critical rendering path.

Don’t forget that DareBoost allows you to change the screen resolution and the speed to use during the analysis: these 2 settings will significantly impact the rendering of your page!

New indicators directly on the report summary

We grant a particular importance to these new indicators that we have juste integrated. Indeed, their relation with the user experience is a lot more direct than other more technical indicators. This is why we have directly integrated the Start Render and the SpeendIndex in the summary of your performance reports, among the other indicators already present!

how to access to speedindex?

You will notice that un new button has also appeared at this point: “The loading in pictures”, that will also allow you to access to the filmstrip and the video!

NB: for now, those indicators and features aren’t available in the automatical monitoring reports of your web pages, it will be the occasion of another statement !

We hope that thses features will please you and will help you in the optimization of the loading time of your website in order to offer an incomparable experience to your users! Don’t hesitate to give us feedback by commenting below.

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