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The major update of DareBoost

Save your performance reports with DareBoost

The new update (#3) is online, you can now create a free account !

Free account

We have just added the account management to DareBoost. You can create an account as soon as possible, it will make us happy to have more and more users ;)
But what are the benefits for you? Performance and quality reports are now  automatically saved for logged-in users. At any moment, you’ll be able to consult your old reports .

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W3C validators results are available with DareBoost

This announce is a few days late, but we have recently updated our product (#2), what are the changes?

W3C validators results

Detailed results are now available for both (x)HTML and CSS W3C validators. DareBoost make your work easier by given you whole information about a problem when detecting one. The results are the same that the ones provided by the official W3C online validator.

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Your favorite timeline on DareBoost

We have recently updated our product, so what has changed ?

Timeline integration

You can access this feature by clicking on “See details” just below the number of requests on the report’s summary. It will display a popin, showing HTTP traffic related to your website’s analysis (with waiting times, DNS lookup…). We use HarViewer to display these information. It’s a great tool and you have probably seen it somewhere else, in Firebug plugin for instance.

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Test your website now

We are very proud to launch DareBoost today as a beta version. We are working to integrate more features quickly, including a backoffice allowing you to monitor your website.

So, what’s in this first beta version ? Obviously not as much as we would want !
Nevertheless, it’s a great tool for you. Thanks to the analysis form on our homepage, you will be able to test any page on the web, with three  browsers (Firefox 24.1.0 and 25.0, Chrome 30.0). For now, only one location is available: please tell us in the comments below the next one you wish us to install ;).

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