Website Monitoring Available

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The last update (#8) is online, what’s new?
If you are a regular reader, you may have noticed that update #7 was not announced: sorry for that, my time was running out to write a post!

Website Monitoring : Avoid Costly Mistakes

Who never introduced any issue on a website? It probably have happened to you (or your team) to forgot to optimize a big picture, to realize that a javascript file or a stylesheet was missing, to break the rules of your cache policy, etc.
A website is a fast moving object, and mistakes can be costly. That’s why DareBoost has implemented website monitoring feature. In a few seconds, configure a new web page monitoring from your dashboard, and benefit from DareBoost cleverness on a steady basis.

MonitoringGreat point is that you’ll be warned by e-mail when your website is running too slow or when your quality and performance score is below your objectives.
DareBoost is the promise of an easier continuous improvement on web performance and quality!

Your Performance & Quality Dashboard

As a registered user (create your free account now) you can access a dedicated Dashboard, that gather features like:

  • a direct access to the analyze features
  • your monitored web pages (and the last execution results)
  • your last reports


We built this page for you in order to provide a quick access to all our major information and features. Obviously, you can access to a web page monitoring, including an history of load times and scores through successive analyses. We will put a focus to improve this page very soon. Metrics are full of lessons, and we want to give an easy way to benefit from them!

Mobile Support Improved

As always, we spent time adding best pratices and advices in our tool. We particularly work on mobile device support, on various topics, for instance:

  • viewport tag usage
  • detection of Flash animations
  • multichannel implementation recommendation
  • etc.

Using a desktop or a mobile browser when launching a new audit with DareBoost give you different results! Some best pratices are mobile-only or have a greater impact on your score. The same goes for desktop browsers best practices. In one word, DareBoost analyses are responsive ;)

Business Offers Are Coming!

From the beginning, we’ve been working to offer professional features. More and more are coming. Some are ready but will be available for our business offers only.

For a few weeks, beta is still running. And I want to thank you all for your feedbacks:
we’ve decided to offer a discount to our early users.

Discover our business offers and let your e-mail so we’ll send you the discount shortly!

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