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The new update (#6) is online, what’s new?

Analyze web performance of your mobile website

We started our work on mobile test features few weeks ago . We are glad to announce that you can now test your mobile pages, with an emulated Nexus 5 device, from both our locations (Paris and New York).

Mobile performance report

Our rules about page weight and number of requests are adapted to mobile average metrics (we launched a benchmark on Alexa’s top 1000). So if you test the same page (without mobile detection mecanism) with a desktop browser or a mobile one, there are strong odds that the mobile test will give a less favorable score.

Emulated bandwidth

Related to the mobile test new ability, we added a bandwidth restriction on all available browsers. So your website performance report will likely display a bigger load time than with the previous version of DareBoost. Do not be chocked! It’s not your website getting slower but the side effect of bandwidth restriction on DareBoost. The good news is that the timing value is now more relevant and closest to a real user experience.
You can’t configure bandwidth values for now, but it will be available soon. We propose default values as follow:
– desktop test : downstream : 8 Mbps & upstream : 2 Mbps
– mobile test : downstream : 2 Mbps & upstream : 1 Mbps

Best practices and advice

You were several to tell us about some best practices showing issues on third party contents. We are aware that you have generaly no way to correct these issues (unless to give up the third party content).
That’s why we rewrite some of our best practices in order to distinguish providers of problematic contents. Our long term objective is to limit the penalization on the score due to third party contents. This is in our roadmap, but we have some technical improvments requiered before.

We add some advice, for example on Google Fonts, Prestashop and Magento. If your website is using some of these technologies, give a try, and feel free to give us some feedback.

What’s next?

Did I hear monitoring features? Yes I do :)
Please note that you can subscribe from our home page (Monitoring & alerts), we will send you an email when the feature will be released.


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