Download your performance report as PDF

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The new update (#5) is online, what’s new?

PDF report available

This feature was very awaited, so we are glad to announce you can now download your performance report as a PDF file. We still have some improvements on the styles, but we hope you will find it useful.

pdf-report Screenshot of the PDF report (second page)

Embedded feedback feature
As mentioned few months ago in this post, we want to build a community with the DareBoost project. That’s the idea behind this new feature: you are now able to vote for/against a tip, and to give further information, helping us to improve our knowledge database.

tip-feedbackVoting against a tip you might have further information to give

New tips and best practices
We added some tips in our knowledge database. For example, DareBoost detects old versions of Google Analytics and give instructions to upgrade to the latest.
Another example could be our work on waiting times: if we detect a slow server response  for a resource (more than 200ms, as recommended by Google) we will penalize the  score. Indeed, a such slowness indicates a back-end issue (low hosting quality, bad server bandwidth, server overloaded, slow database access, etc).

New test location
Our users are mainly located in France for now, but we want to expand our service world-wide. Moreover, numerous of the tested websites have visitors located in North America.   We are proud to announce that you can now test your website from New York.
If you want to know more about the impact of the user’s location on web performance, here is an excellent article by  Ilya Grigorik (Web Performance Engineer at Google).

What’s next?

We are currently working on mobile test, with emulated device available soon.

Analyze the performance of my website now!

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