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The new update (#4) is online, what’s new?

User eXperience improvements

Since December 2013, there are more and more users on our beta service, more than 12.000 websites have already been analyzed .
Some of our users give us feedback (that’s very appreciated, so thanks !). We have worked on major issues detected among all launched analyses.

401, 404, 500..etc errors management
We first saw that many of you were trying to analyse some pages protected by Basic Auth (like .htaccess protection). These analyses were timing out and we know for sure that’s very frustrating to wait several seconds before having an error message! We solved the problem by trying to reach the requested page upstream, and by displaying an error if the page is unreachable.
Using the same principle, we avoided to analyze pages if you misspelled the URL in the input form (404 errors).

Our web performance and quality reports integrates a thumbnail of the tested page. We added a decoration arround this image, anticipating the analyses with mobile devices (we’ll have a specific decoration for mobile devices).
A click on the thumbnail open a pop-in with a bigger version of the image, with a representation of the fold line.


We manage 1024×768 resolution only for now, more will be available in the next weeks.
The foldline representation is just an experimentation for now, some improvements are needed. We will allow to configure the size of the viewport (to take into account browsers toolbars for instance).

You probably found the timeline difficult to use, because the wrapping popin was rather small. You can now extend the popin, taking advantage of all your window’s width.

DareBoost uptime?

We had troubles in our application, because of a memory leak, forcing us to regularly reboot the service. That’s why you may have experienced an error message trying to access the service.

After few days of investigation, we fixed the problem (an external library used to access to our NoSql database was causing the leak). The service should be near of the 100% uptime from now! We apologize for the inconvenience of the past weeks.

What’s next?

PDF reports will be available in the next upgrade, with few other features ;)

Try the new features now!

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