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The new update (#3) is online, you can now create a free account !

Free account

We have just added the account management to DareBoost. You can create an account as soon as possible, it will make us happy to have more and more users ;)
But what are the benefits for you? Performance and quality reports are now  automatically saved for logged-in users. At any moment, you’ll be able to consult your old reports .

This is a good way to check how much your grade has  improved since you’re using DareBoost and applying the tips provided. We will add monitoring features in early 2014.

Account creationCreate your account in a few seconds

Scoring algorithm

This is a major update on our scoring algorithm. We already had about 50 tips about performance and quality,  but we have just been taking the time for studying the impact of each tip’s score on your global grade. We have added a big penality on page’s weight and the number of requests, knowing that it’s a major criterion in web performance. The average values on the web could not be taken as being good ones!

We have focused our efforts on completing explanations on many tips, we hope that it’ll help you to get a better understanding of ones that could be very technical.

Less bugs, better user experience

We have a huge work to do to keep going on features’ development while maintaining our efforts in making DareBoost a bullet-proof solution. The web is amazing, but it has a wide technical diversity, so it can be messy. Being able to deal with whatever website, when applying complex rules, is a real challenge and a long-term project.
This update makes DareBoost stronger facing this diversity, with more reliable results (we notably have consolidated the W3C validators results).
No major feature for the next update, but we have begun our work with a designer for PDF reports, it will be our chrismas gift after the holidays!



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  1. I just discovered your tool via a SEO forum. The tool is of high quality, the interface is very nice. I like it a lot. Will be back for more tests

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