New Update
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The last update (#9) is online, what’s new?

This update is not a major one. Indeed we focused our work to prepare the next release, that will be a heavy one ;)

Features Presentation

Our Service can be tested for free, but a presentation of major features was missing. Not anymore. Go to our features page and discover this new presentation. Feel free to give us your opinion in a comment here!


Best Practices Update

We created new Best Practices, as for instance :

  • Provide a Favicon
  • Include titles in tables
  • Describe form field usage
  • Do not use deprecated attributes on body tag
  • …etc

We updated several tips to improve our users’ experience. For instance, when DareBoost finds the same issue on hundreds of resources, we don’t anymore give the exhaustive list of resources. So, you won’t anymore find tips with endless lists of issues.

We added contextualization on several tips. For instance, if you’re not using GZIP, we will display relevant guidelines, according to the HTTP server DareBoost has detected.

Test my website now!

Business Offers Are Coming

We decided to apply a 10% lifetime discount, for our early users! To benefit from this discount, create a free account, and let a comment here, we will send you back an e-mail.
(or you can send us an e-mail to sales[-AT-]dareboost[-DOT-]com)

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