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We are very proud to launch DareBoost today as a beta version. We are working to integrate more features quickly, including a backoffice allowing you to monitor your website.

So, what’s in this first beta version ? Obviously not as much as we would want !
Nevertheless, it’s a great tool for you. Thanks to the analysis form on our homepage, you will be able to test any page on the web, with three  browsers (Firefox 24.1.0 and 25.0, Chrome 30.0). For now, only one location is available: please tell us in the comments below the next one you wish us to install ;).

Few instants after launching the analysis, your custom report will be displayed  :

Analysis report example

The first screen shows you general information, about the weight, the speed, the number of requests of your page. You can see to the technologies we have detected on your page. Are you using Apache ? Are you using Worpress ? Are you using jQuery ? Give a try and see what we’ll be able to find !

I won’t describe all the results here, but know that in this custom report, you will not only have Google Page Speed and YSlow results, but also our very own tips. For example we start to work on SEO. It’s only the beginning, but next weeks will be for us the occasion to work on our knowledge database, with the goal to deliver to you a unique analysis report on the quality and your website performance .

Try DareBoost now, and feel free to give us you feedback in comments below (or on Twitter or Facebook).

Only some of the features we built are available in this first beta. But we wish to take a commitment here with you. As we work with the Scrum method, we will proceed our developpements on sprints of two weeks. Our goal will be to release a new version every two weeks, with new features and a better user experience.

One solution to be sure to do not miss anything of our upgrades : follow us on Twitter or Facebook. If, as me, you love the old school way, you can subscribe our RSS feed.

We wait hearing from you about the service, your feedback is welcome ! Have a nice week.

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7 thoughts on “Test your website now

  1. Very good job for a bêta !

    I think I can’t have more than 95/100 with Dokuwiki and no cdn provider. Dokuwiki is not able to use deferred javascript for now but some guys tried to add PJAX features http://www.freelists.org/post/dokuwiki/Performance-scripts-at-the-bottom. 76/100 for performance, it’s not so bad ;-).

    Some tips I’ve used to have a better result :

    – Adding a meta description : https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:description
    – Reading nginx can help for enabling use of navigator cache http://nginx.org/en/docs/http/ngx_http_headers_module.html

    Site have 100/100 for accessibility while some alt image attributes are empty.

    Best regards

  2. Thanks for the feedback :)

    We will take in account custom CDN in few months. We know that every website can’t afford CDN cost, so ideally, this rule could be disabled in your report (that a topic we will work on !).
    I saw you’re using Jquery and Jquery UI, do you know that Google provides hosted librairies (acting like a CDN) ? https://developers.google.com/speed/libraries/devguide

    About alt attribute on img tags, empty one are not necessary an issue, as you can see here : http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG-TECHS/H67.html

    Thanks for tips on Dokuwiki, we’ll let you know as soon as we’ll include them in our tool ;)

  3. We found where the issue comes from.

    Your website is using the following tag :
    <link rel=”next” title=”Page suivante” href=”/source/skins-css-alternatives-site.php” />

    and according to :

    Firefox will prefetch pages linked as above. On your page report, you can see the details of the requests, there is a request for skins-css-alternatives-site.php, with a request header “X-Moz : prefetch”

    Unfortunally, we are not able for now to deal with some redirections or prefetched pages correctly
    We are working on it, we will let you know when it will be solved

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