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We have recently updated our product, so what has changed ?

Timeline integration

You can access this feature by clicking on “See details” just below the number of requests on the report’s summary. It will display a popin, showing HTTP traffic related to your website’s analysis (with waiting times, DNS lookup…). We use HarViewer to display these information. It’s a great tool and you have probably seen it somewhere else, in Firebug plugin for instance.

timelineThe new timeline feature

Rules database improvement

We added 2 rules, in order to take into account general metrics for the computation of our grades. The first one is based on the number of HTTP requests, the other one focuses on page weight. We defined some thresholds for these metrics : so unless your page is more than 400kB for instance, your grade will not suffer. Your feedbacks are welcome about your grades on these rule, it will help us to define the most relevant thresholds.

We choose to delete the rule about meta keywords , as this tag is no more effective in SEO. It might be useful in some case, but we are currently not able to detect them.

Some style improvements have been applied, we tried to complete our advice with more information, but it’s still a work in progress.

Improve service performance

Several of you asked us why didn’t get good grades when analyzing itself. The answer is simple : we are in beta, and our priority was to release a first beta version. We took a few hours to improve our cache policy and to reduce the number of HTTP requests, especially by merging our resource files and using sprites. Your experience on our service should be widely improved (loading time divided by 2 approximately). We will maintain our efforts on this point, trying to contradict the proverb “The shoemaker’s children always go barefoot”.

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