Hourly Monitoring and other Professional Features

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Here we go! DareBoost just opened its offers for professionals.
Of course, a lot of features are still available for free (don’t forget to configure a monitoring on your homepage !)
This blog post aims to do a quick review of available features with our business offers.

Perks of our Business Offers

Unless you have very few pages to monitor and don’t need hourly monitoring, we strongly recommend you our Premium offer. So, let’s detail it!

Premium OfferTest Runs Limit
With our Business Offers, you can test any web page, on any website, at any time, and without number limit.
As a free user, you can only analyze the homepage of a website.

Monitored pages
Premium offer allows to monitor up to 25 web pages with custom alerts on quality or performance. With custom alerts, you can define your objectives, as a maximum loading time or a minimum DareBoost score. Every time your webpage does not fulfill an objective, you will receive an alert by e-mail.

monitoring-load-time-graph The red line on the chart represents the threshold of a loading time objective, every time the blue line overflows the red one, the user will receive an e-mail.

If we detect that your website does not fulfill an objective, we will automatically start another test, in order to avoid false positive. If the alert is confirmed on this second test, you will receive an alert.

As a free user, you can monitor one page only, and it has to be a homepage.

Monitoring frequency
With a Premium or upper offer, you can monitor your webpages hourly. This will allow faster detection of issues and you will eventually be able to detect an overload of the hosting server that could occur at a same period each day!
Hourly monitoring is strongly recommanded if you really want to have an oversight of your website performance. From experience, it’s also a good way to detect the unstable third party contents.

As a free user or with a Start offer, you can only configure daily monitoring.
If hourly monitoring is not enough for your needs, feel free to ask us for a Custom offer.

PDF export
For now, PDF export is a free feature. Nevertheless, white-labeled PDF will only be available for Corporate and Custom offers. If you are interested by white-labeled PDF, feel free to contact us on our website (link in the footer), we will add this feature more faster.

As a free user you can access to PDF download simply by creating an account.

High Priority Access
We do our best to offer enough compute power allowing to our users to get fast analysis results. As required servers are costly, we had to adopt a resource usage policy : the more your offer is top of the range, the more your analysis are prioritized. So, none of our paid users can be penalized by free usage of the service, even if it’s massive.

As a free user , your tests will be add at the end of our waiting queues, your requests will be started only if we have free resources.

Data Backup Warranty
DareBoost saves automatically all reports (both standalone ones and those associated to website monitoring). The data retention time depends on the offer you choose.

As a free user , there is no data retention warranty. Indeed, DareBoost can at any time delete your data, although our policy allows generally a one week retention at least.

Advanced Settings
The advanced settings are only available for our customers. These settings allow you to test your website in a more complex context and to emulate more closely your users. For instance :
configuration of both bandwidth and window size
access to a
website requiring authentication (.htaccess)
page analysis (form validation, etc.)
adding a custom HTTP header (emulate a user with specific cookies, etc.)

– define a report as private, so your are the only one that can access to it


As a free user , you can’t use any of these settings. DareBoost will use default values for bandwidth (8Mbps/2Mbps) and window size (1024×728)

If you have any question…

Feel free to contact us (in english or in french ;) ). We just added a contact form on our website (in the footer) to do so, or you can let us a comment with the form bellow.

And don’t forget, you can get a web performance report for free !


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  1. For now, we don’t offer testing with Opera, it will be under consideration if we receive enough requests. Or, we can discuss a proposal of a Custom Plan for Opera integration if you wish.

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