Extended Backup and New Features

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The new update (#10) is online, what’s new?
In this update, we both set up new features, and improved the already existing content.

Start Offer : Backup extended to 3 months

First of all, we adapted our Start Offer to our customers’ feedback. After consideration, the team decided to extend the backup duration to 3 months. It was only one month, and we all agreed that it was a little short for daily monitoring.

More technologies detected

At the moment, DareBoost can identify  more than 500 technologies. And this number is steadily increasing. In this update, we added again more than 40 technologies, as Dart, PayPal or JBoss.

More relevant and easy to understand tips titles

We improved our tips titles: now they match the results of our analysis, so they are more relevant.

Thank’s to this improvement, you get more information quickly: advice is easier to read, and more explicit.

For instance, here is what you had before:

Use only reachable resources

And what you get now:

2 resources are unreachable

Improved UI while Browsing Advice

We reduced the number of clicks needed to browse within the tips. We made it easier to have an overall view. Your priorities are now more visible in each category. This allows you to quickly know what you should fix or improve first.


Monitoring Features Improved (Avoid False-Positive)

The monitoring analysis sometimes encounters momentary errors on websites, this can alter the results of the reports. We worked on the detection of these temporary errors to eliminate their impact. That’s why DareBoost will automatically relaunch an analysis when this kind of error is detected, ensuring you more relevant data in your reports.

For further information about our services, feel free to contact us on our website (link in the footer). We’ll be pleased to answer your questions.

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