Score is More Relevant – New Best Practices Added

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We just released our new update (#11) and your score might have changed. Let’s see what we improved this time.

Enhanced rating system

You probably noticed that your page score has changed, and perhaps has been lowered. Don’t worry, this is not necessarily due to a variation of your website’s quality. Indeed, we improved our scoring system: it now takes more criteria into account, and the weights of some best practices have been balanced. So your score will be more relevant.

Score under 90 are now orange

Before this update, the threshold for orange color was 80. We changed it to 90.
We noticed that most of our users thought that ~85/100 score was excellent, it actually is decent, but it still lets you a great margin for improvement. By using the orange colour for under 90 scores, we want to remind you that your website is still improvable.

New tips

We keep enhancing our tool, and we included 4 new best practices in this update:
– Combine JavaScript resources
– Combine CSS resources
– Some resources are too heavy (will only appear if >1MB files are detected)
– Use X-Content-Security-Policy header

Note that we also deleted two rules (number of requests, and page weight). These were too general best practices which were made to penalyze some websites in a first instance. We decided to improve them: now we detect more precisely the best practices linked to this idea, and we provide relevant advice.

Chrome 35

We updated our Chrome version from 34.0 to 35.0, so you can test your website with the latest stable version.

If not yet done, feel free to launch  a website analysis!


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