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With today’s post, I wish to make you discover the case of one of our customers, NewQuest, a web agency.
A big thanks to Yann Costes, its CEO, who agreed to answer my questions for this blog post.


Quick tour about NewQuest
This is a web agency founded in 2007 by Yann Costes, which now has more than 50 employees. Its headquarters are located in Chambery (France), but it also has offices in Australia and in the USA. NewQuest main activity is about designing and developing websites (eCommerce, social platforms, webzines, etc).

For what purpose did you start to use DareBoost?
We were already using tools to perform a quality validation of our projects (before putting a website online). DareBoost convinced us since we can position it as a trusted third party with our customers.

Why DareBoost and not another solution?
Dareboost is complete and the dynamism of the team reinforced our choice after a benchmark of several solutions. The tool has also distinguished itself by its simplicity, important criteria for us, since we send directly to our customers the web version of the quality reports.

How many people use the solution in your agency?
Hard to estimate! But by a lot of people anyway, because we ensure the proper compliance of the website with quality and performance rules that we have listed earlier, not only during  acceptance test phase but also in production phase.
The tool is used by developers, consultants as well as by project managers.

Was it hard to convince your collaborators to use the service?
Not at all, since the service allows a quick scan and a first state of play within a few seconds. It is time-saving for them rather than using different tools to combine the results, and thus it improves the agency productivity.

When do you use Dareboost in the lifecycle of your projects?
Mainly during acceptance tests and pre-production phases. Then again at the start of production stage for our last checkup. The speed monitoring tool, among others, allows us to also ensure that the site is not degraded over time (a customer who introduced an extremely heavy content, or who is found to disable caching options, for example)
Occasionally we use DareBoost in order to provide preliminary audit reports and show our customers the weaknesses of their websites before an overhaul.

Any negative point to report?
We did not encounter any one blocking our use, but we look forward to see the next steps of DareBoost development. We can regret the lack of test locations to simulate the performance of an Australian user or in South America (since we have customer located in these regions). We expect a lot of DareBoost’s current efforts to offer more and more customization features in its reports.

How do you use DareBoost with your customers?
In the specifications of our projects, we are committed to a level of results on different platforms, including Dareboost. For each major milestone of a project (acceptance test phase, preproduction stage, etc), we send to our customer links to DareBoost quality reports to prove compliance of the project with our commitments.

Do you plan to expand the use of the solution in the next months?
Absolutely. Currently it’s mostly our French team who uses it. We will gradually expand the use of the analyze and monitoring services within our agencies abroad.


If like NewQuest you would want to use DareBoost to manage quality and performance of your web projects, feel free to discover our plans or to contact us



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