Hosting: a first step towards performance

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The hosting is one of the key elements to a successful website. It is not only a parameter that can highly affect your website’s loading time (meaning your business success), but a host is also a partner upon who you should be able to  rely on in time of crisis.

Hosting & loading time

As we already saw it several times, the conversion rate of a website is narrowly related to the loading time.

However, in order to deliver a fast website, it is essential to chose an infrastructure that meets your needs. A quality provider will offer you an adapted hosting and will follow your needs facing your business development by facing new issues (traffic globalization, growth etc.).

Hosting: a peace of mind choice

A good host will allow you to delegate many elements of your server of which you are maybe not an expert. This will allow to the lay public to focus on their core business, and not on the technical characteristics related to their e-commerce website! The chosen host should be a relief, not the contrary.

Among the important points of your hosting, let’s quote the securing of your platform. Your website can be protected against untimely spams or else against attacks of a denial of service attack (DDos) type for example, that make the server unstable or even unavailable.

Besides, you have to make sure the host you have chosen has backups running at regular intervals so that you always have a recent backup of your data. Also, don’t forget to get informed about the data recovery conditions: you’ll save valuable time if an incident ever occurs!

Last but not least, you should check that the host commits itself to provide an acceptable availability level of your service (Service Level Agreement). Each minute of unavailability can cause devastating consequences on the turnover of an e-commerce platform according the activity volume.

So, if you wish your customers keep on being satisfied and not see your sales reducing, we strongly advise you to look at those elements closely while choosing your host.

DareBoost & PlanetHoster are partnering up

After having long discussed with the host PlanetHoster, we were very glad to see that we share the same values about performance of websites.

The host is Canadian but also owns servers in Europe, and provides various levels of service that will allow everyone to find the perfect solution according to their needs!

We are proud to announce you today the creation of a partnership between our two services! PlanetHoster’s customers will benefit from an access to DareBoost’s recommendations within their dashboard very soon!

If you were looking for a host, don’t hesitate to benefit from this partnership, since we can offer you a 15% discount on PlanetHoster’s services with the following code: JEDareBoostMONPH

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