Customer Case of an Ecommerce Website

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A few weeks ago, we presented you the case of a web agency: New Quest. To continue our serie of studies,  let’s see today another type of profile, the one of an e-merchant.

Why optimizing an e-commerce website ? What for?

Before we get started, remember that a fast website promotes the natural referencing and strongly enhances the user experience. By increasing web users’ satisfaction, you are also increasing your conversion rate and, by extension, your turnover.

This was the case for 123roulement who has seen his surging since the very first optimisations. This customer, very satisfied with the ROI of the operation, agreed to share his experience with us.

123roulement, rolling sales since 2008


123roulement is a 12 employees company created in 2008. Thanks to its sales activity on Internet, the company has become a major player in the sale of rollings, gaskets or else bearings on the French market.

Work method of 123roulement developer

Matthieu Renaux, is the (internal) developer in charge of the website. He had been using our solution for more or less two months when we collected his testimony. At this stage, he esteems he spent a total amount of 7 hours of work on the different aspects of the website analysis. His efforts have been focused on the enhancement of the loading time of the merchant’s website. He proceeded in an incremental way relying on priorities tasks risen in the audit report supplied by DareBoost (as a reminder: nor installation or modification of the website are required  for it). This allowed him to easily identify the actions to undertake and to measure the essential technical investments.

As a first step, Matthieu focused on the home page, since it is an important entry point of the website’s traffic. Naturally, the undertaken optimisations have profited to the whole website, in particular because the elements of these optimisations were common to all of the pages (web server configuration, header and footer, etc.).

The results: a division of the loading time by 3 !

Matthieu fixed himself a constraint about the optimizations (in order to not affect is daily work, since he is the only technical person of the website): spending not more than one hour a day. At the date of his testimony, the major optimizations about the homepage were carried out successfully, after a total workday, here are the results he got:

  • 4 seconds less on the loading time, and a significant growth of the conversion rate;
  • 150 kb less on the weight of the page (the developper has still for project to apply  more recommendations of DareBoost for this point);
  • 73 less requests;
  • a gain of 29 points on the score given to the page by DareBoost.

Matthieu intends to finish the work on the homepage and to gradually take care of the other pages of the website.

123roulement’s appraisal about its use of DareBoost

“This allowed us to really make progress on the website, and the work done to correct everything gives us significant results. There is no doubt that DareBoost is an important tool that allows us to remedy to the shortcomings of our site. I am fully satisfied of DareBoost!”

What then? Transactional testing

Matthieu had the opportunity to try (in beta) our feature of transactional testing. This feature allows to measure the loading times of each step of a purchase clickpath for instance, but also to check its functioning integrity. As Matthieu was convinced by his test, the next step will probably be the optimization of transactional procedures, once the first step of page optimization is completed.


If you wish to optimize and speed up your website as 123roulement did, by relying on a tool that will target priorities while increasing your productivity with quality advice, don’t wait any longer: discover our plans or contact us!

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