DareBoost: already 2 years of web performance analysis

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Dareboost celebrates its second anniversary ! The perfect opportunity  to offer a special gift to all our users, to announce a few informations about our business development and a new arrival in the DareBoost team !  

May 2014: DareBoost came up and launched its web performance analysis service.Two years, already, of an amazing adventure for all the team, dotted with a few distinctions – which we are very proud of – as winning an Award during E-Commerce Paris 2014 – and numerous great updates for our analysis and website speed monitoring tool.

You might have missed the last episodes, so here’s 2 of our last blog posts to keep you update:

No birthday without gifts! So we thought about a small one to offer to all our users, in order to celebrate together this second anniversary:

2 days of unlimited analyses!

And as a bonus, for 48 hours, our users have also access to our advanced settings, for free! Note that these 48 hours of unlimited access to DareBoost analyses are also open to any new account created … If it’s not done yet, feel free to create an account! Help us to spread the word:

Another milestone in our startup history: for our 2 years, our team is growing! Philippe has joined us this week. He is now in charge of marketing and communication, with his 15 years of experience within press, web media and even entrepreneurship. Count on him to build amazing content and to make Dareboost a even more relevant product to  fit your needs!

As we’re speaking about our growth, I hope you‘ll be as glad as we are to learn we have reached 300 customers across more than 30 countries!  

As we do not want to let you go without a bit of technical content, let’s have a word about one of our last intervention during a major conference about SEO in France (SEOCAMP’us in Paris). Damien Jubeau (Dareboost CEO) and Thomas Soudaz (webperf consultant within Refficience) have spoke about web performance issues (with a mobile focus) and their stakes from a SEO perspective. If you wish to have a look to the slides (in french), they’re available on SlideShare.

If you’re lucky enough to attend the KiwiParty on June (Strasbourg, France), a conference dedicated to web quality, web performance, accessibility and more, you’ll be glad to know that Dareboost is one of the sponsors!
Waiting for Philippe (our new teammate) submitting new amazing content on this blog, do not hesitate to follow us on Twitter to keep in touch!  

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